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Diverse Fuel

Biodiesel is a renewable, environmentally-friendly fuel that can be used across various industries and easily replace conventional diesel.

Cleaner Burning

Biodiesel burns more cleanly than traditional fuel, creating fewer emissions and significantly contributing towards a better environment.

Proven Performance

Biodiesel provides the same power output as petro diesel. In fact its higher lubricity values attributes to better performance than traditional fuel.

Enhanced Safety

Less combustible in nature, it is safer to handle, store and transport biodiesel in comparison to traditional fuel.

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What is biodiesel? How is biodiesel made? How does it affect engines? What is its environmental impact? How can you start using the renewable fuel? Learn all that and more.

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Biodiesel is a renewable form of fuel, biodegradable fuel manufactured domestically from vegetable oils, animal fats, or other oils.


Pan Oleo is one of the wide ranging producer of various industrial chemicals and solvents.


Pan Oleo Energy limited is also the producer of FMCG products under the brand name of “The Unifresh”.